Xplosive Media Group is a full-service advertising agency, the glue that binds together a successful marketing campaign. Our emphasis is on media purchasing – helping clients select the best venues to transmit their message locally, nationally and internationally to their customers. We also maintain a network of outstanding creative professionals, and can assemble and manage the perfect team to execute your campaign, exactly the way it should be done. In the modern advertising world, the way we do things is unique. We create tremendous value for our clients by keeping things simple. We deliver honest, ethical, effective service. We understand the needs of businesses of different sizes and types, at different stages of development. With every client we take on, our two-pronged goal never changes. We want to create meaningful, long-lasting partnerships and deliver serious results. Your potential is Xplosive. Light the first match now by giving us a call!

Our Services:
First and Foremost, Xplosive Media Group specializes in media buying. We help our clients strategically purchase local, national or international advertising in virtually every direct response medium, including:

  • Radio
  • Newspapers (both traditional and online)
  • Television
  • Direct Mail
  • Online
  • Email

Full Service Marketing.
With the assistance of our professional network, Xplosive Media Group can manage a marketing campaign from start to finish. Whether your needs are at the micro or macro level, we can generate the results you need with no extraneous costs.

This is our bread and butter and what really sets us apart from our competitors. XM Group has learned a few things over the years, and we’re happy to share. Our team can help you identify marketing challenges, set priorities and create effective solutions to carry your business into the future.