Which media is right for me?

Finally, your product or service is ready to go to market.  You have a limited budget but you need to acquire customers 365 days a year.  So the obvious question is – what medium should I spend my money on?  Radio?  TV? Print? Online? Direct Mail?  Is there a right combination or should I use all of the above?  Well that depends on numerous factors: demographic, sales cycle, inbound/outbound capabilities, price point, fulfillment and the list goes on. You really have two choices: figure it out on your own thru trial and error or use what we call a BACKSTOP (an experienced direct response marketing group like Xplosive).  The first option you might get lucky and hit a homerun right away, but more then likely, you are going to waste a lot of precious time and money trying to figure it out by yourself.  The BACKSTOP provides a safety net, Xplosive Media Group! We will give you every advantage of an experienced direct response marketing partner that will help you avoid the all common errors and pitfalls that most companies go through. We want you to focus on your product or service and let us handle everything else.  Contact us today to learn more – we are here to help.